Jack Johnson - Banana Morning

Hold my hand


Oma Kate Rolls 

Take my hand and follow me
Open your eyes so you can see
If you die, so do I
Listen to me and really believe
Here we go it´s time to fly
Up above to the sky
You have my hand I have yours
Take these guns and pick them up
Refr.: Hold my hand till I die
          Hold my hand that I don´t cry
Cock it up so we can go
Count to three then we´ll flee
Here we go are you ready
Be brave and keep your hand steady
There we go were on your way
All the wayto the heavens above

Refr.: Hold my hand till i die

          Hold my hand that I don´t cry

Forever we will be together
I will stop loving you never
We have finally accomplised our plan
Now forever I will hold your hand

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